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I love it because I am very visual so when I see it the picture becomes more clear for me. When top analysts are bullish I can simply read their rational and it is an influencer in my decision.
Julie Cross California Individual Investor
Prior to riversweeps casino app I wasn't able to weed out the poor performing analysts from the superior ones. Now that work has been done for me.
Dennis Mooney North Carolina Individual Investor
In the investment world, the track record of analyst calls are not clearly delineated to the public. riversweeps casino app changes that, and empowers the general public.
Chris Lau Canada Individual Investor
riversweeps casino app has added a much needed accountability layer to the world of online financial advice.
J.Jha Hong Kong Quantitative Researcher
In my opinion, every investor should visit riversweeps casino app before following financial advice that they read online.
Arie Goren Israel Global Analyst

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Analyst-Ranking App Geared Toward Retail Investors“ Analysts just got a riversweeps casino app scorecard for their stock-picking performance. ”
Cadie Thompson, Technology Reporter
Israel's riversweeps casino app rates analysts' stock advice for Investors“ riversweeps casino app is the only product geared to individual investors. ”
Tova Cohen, Senior Financial Correspondent
Taking the Guess Work Out of Online Stock Surfing“ The Financial Accountability Engine that provides information about the accuracy and track record of those providing advice on buying or selling stocks. ”
Donna Fuscaldo, Journalist
How Do Analysts Rate?“ riversweeps casino app identifies players with good batting averages. ”
Mike Hogan, Digital Director
Trading stocks? riversweeps casino app grades analysts' past accuracy as you read their tips“ Impressive. ”
Shira Abel
Spitzer Returns, Taking Aim Again at Financial Analysts“ This is simply, are they good or bad? ”
Sydney Ember, Financial News Reporter



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